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    Hello everyone,

    First and foremost, we would like to welcome you to the new server and website! Some of you will certainly recognize us from the old Evandrr server (bending)! After a long maintenance period we are finally back online with Evandrr 2.0!

    In the coming weeks we will continuously update our servers with, among other things, the big lobby update (Cosmetics, profile, course, ...) and a survival update! The survival update will be released in pieces with, among other things, shop floors, daily bonuses, and more supplydrops!

    What has changed?

    • The donation store has been given a new look and is now working better!
      • Rank Corpio is available!
    • We have renewed and updated our website.
    • At the request of players we have a Discord from now on

    We hope to welcome you soon in our server!

    Evandrr Team
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  2. Veel succes! Met het runnen van de server. Het gaat goed komen!

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